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Judas Iscariot: Traitor by William C. Nichols. To many Judas Iscariot is a man of mystery. Modern theologians have elevated him to a place next to Christ in heaven. Since the mid 19th century many have proclaimed him a revolutionary patriot. The Puritans called him a covetous wretch and a traitor. In this new work, William C. Nichols examines Judas in myth and legend, and Judas in his roles as apostle, covetous hypocrite, traitor, son of perdition, false penitent, and suicide. He also looks at the unregenerate heart and the sovereignty of God in the life of the most infamous man in history. There are many lessons that can be learned from a study of Judas Iscariot which can help us today. There have always been multitudes in the churches that are very much like Judas and will share his fate in eternity. The chapters in the book are Judas in Myth and Legend, Judas the Apostle, The Unregenerate Heart, Judas the Covetous Hypocrite, Judas the Traitor, Judas the Son of Perdition, Judas and Sovereignty, The Repentance of Judas Iscariot, The Suicide of Judas Iscariot, and Learning from the Life and Death of Judas Iscariot. Paperback or hardback. 150 pages.

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Instructions to the Afflicted by Nathanael Emmons. Who among us has not experienced bereavement, suffering, affliction, or distress? None who have lived very long in this world can claim to be exempt. How many will never experience the death of a loved one and the pain which comes with it? Although many live in the world as if they shall never die, how many will ultimately cheat the shrouded figure of death? Will you? The sermons in this book are unlike anything you will hear from the pulpit today, regardless of the circumstances. They deal with all aspects of affliction and suffering; but unlike the presumptions of men, they begin with a sovereign God who determines all things; therefore, there is a reasonableness to them founded upon the word of God.
This book contains 38 sermons on bereavement, affliction, and suffering. Some of the sermons are: Death Without Order, Burdens Cast Upon God, Benefit of Afflictions, Divine Providence Incomprehensible, Every One Disposed to Think His Afflictions Peculiarly Severe, Death in Early Life, Expectation of Long Life Unwise, A Warning to Youth, The Troubles of Life Divinely Appointed, and many others. Paperback. 432 pages.

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Five Marks of a False Prophet CD by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard. One of the best sermons ever preached by Rolfe Barnard (1904-1969). Barnard understood the difference between true and false conversion and in this sermon exposes the false methods of evangelism so widely used today. He clearly shows how to recognize the false prophets of our time, who may seem to be very fine men, but preach a false gospel. Who knows? The pastor of your church may be one of them. Inspiring and badly needed by the church today. In memory of Ruth Nichols.

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The Existence and Attributes of Satan by Thaddeus McRae is a book which focuses on the origin, character, attributes, powers, and actions of the great enemy of God. Satan has deluded millions through the lust of the world, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life and he continues his destructive actions today through the false gospel being preached by most churches. This book exposes the enemy of the souls of men. This is a unique book which is about Satan, not Satanism. McRae tells us: “There is a personal devil. He is known by several names: ‘The god of this world,’ 2 Corinthians 4:4; ‘Beelzebub the chief of the devils,’ Luke 11:15; ‘the devil and his angels,’ Matt. 25:41; ‘the dragon,’ Rev. 12:7; ‘the angel of the bottomless pit,’ Rev. 9:11; Rev. 12:9; and ‘the accuser of the brethren,’ Rev. 12:10. ‘the great dragon, that old serpent the devil, and Satan the deceiver’...He is likewise represented as possessing character. He is described as a deceiver, Rev. 12:9; as a murderer, John 8:44; the wicked one, 1 John 3:12; liar, John 8:44; and the tempter, Matthew 4:3.”
Some of the chapters include: The Existence of Satan, The Origin of Satan, The Nature and Character of Satan, The Physical Power of Satan, The Miraculous Power of Satan, Demoniacs, The Moral Power of Satan, and The Doom of Satan. Also contains the autobiography of Thaddeus McRae published for the first time.168 pages. Paperback.

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Mideast Beast by Joel Richardson. Mideast Beast presents a compelling Biblical argument that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, whose empire will arise out of the Middle East. Whereas most students of the Bible have long held that some form of humanism or universalist religion would catapult the Antichrist to world power, Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist systematically proves from the Scriptures that the long awaited system of the Antichrist is even now before us and knocking at our door. Through a highly scholarly, theologically grounded analysis of passages in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, and the prophets, Richardson thoroughly corrects the objections of critics, establishing beyond a doubt, the Biblical case for an Islamic Antichrist. Occasionally International Outreach offers books for sale that we do not publish, which we believe to be important works. This is the case with this book. Hardback. 265 pages.

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The Soul’s Implantation by Thomas Hooker. Thomas Hooker had an amazing God-given understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in conviction of sin, humbling the sinner, and breaking him of his pride in the conversion process that few before or since have possessed. To Hooker conversion was a process, wrought by Almighty God over a period of time, not something accomplished in a moment by the sinner repeating the words of a prayer. Conversion today in most churches is as easy as 1-2-3. Questions such as: “Do you admit you are a sinner? Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins? Would you like to accept Jesus as your personal Savior?” are ludicrous nonsense when compared to the Bible and Puritan theology. That a person can “be a Christian on his way to heaven” who does not follow Jesus Christ in obedience is a perversion of the gospel message. Thomas Hooker in all his works shows clearly that a man must be broken and humbled for his sins before he can saved. In The Soul’s Implantation, Hooker tells us that it is not enough for a man to be sorry for his sins: “As it is with vessels that are old and bruised, a little washing and mending will not serve the turn, but they must be all taken in pieces, and made up new: so we are all vessels of wrath by nature, and a little patching will not serve the turn. It is not enough for a man to say he is sorry for his sins, but his heart must be thoroughly humbled and broken, then he is fit to be made a vessel of grace here, and of glory hereafter.” There are four separate treatises in The Soul’s Implantation: 1. The Broken Heart, on Isaiah 57:15; 2. The Preparation of the Heart, on Luke 1:17; 3. The Soul’s Engrafting into Christ, on Malachi 3:1; and 4. Spiritual Love and Joy, on Galatians 5:22. Hardback. 206 pages.

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A Plaine and Faithful Exposition of the Tenne Commandements by John Dod was one of the best selling books of the early 1600s. This edition of Dod's work is a facsimile reproduction of the 1617 edition printed by the Mayflower Pilgrim, Elder William Brewster, in Leyden, Holland. In this nearly 300 page work, Dod systematically examines the meaning of each one of the ten commandments in detail, drawing applications sure to bring conviction of sin to even the most godly person. As the Apostle Paul said, "I knew not sin, but by the Law." (Romans 7:7, Geneva BIble). Dod was one of the most respected of the early English Puritans. It was John Dod and Thomas Hooker between them who brought the famously melancholic Joan Drake of Esher out of her spiritual distress before her death in 1625, as recorded in A Firebrand Taken Out of the Fire. This is not a modernized edition, but appears exactly as printed in 1617. Contains introductory material on The Pilgrim Press and a brief biography of John Dod. 308 pages. Paperback.

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A Solemn Warning to the Secure World, From the God of Terrible Majesty by Gilbert Tennent. Gilbert Tennent was known as a son of thunder. This is his most powerful work, published at the dawn of the Great Awakening in 1735, in which Tennent was active as an itinerant preacher. Subtitled "The Presumptuous Sinner Detected, His Pleas Considered, and his Doom Displayed" this book is a masterpiece in which Tennent proves the strong proneness of mankind to entertain a false confidence; shows the causes and foundations of this delusion; exposes the folly, sinfulness and dangerous consequences of such a presumptuous hope, and gives directions on how to obtain that scriptural and rational hope, which maketh not ashamed. Tennent was motivated by his strong belief that most in the churches in his time, including the pastors, were unconverted. How much more is this true today!! 236 pages. Clothbound.

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The Broad Way and The Narrow Way by Arthur W. Pink. Jesus Christ’s description of the broad way and the narrow way has for centuries sparked controversy regarding how few will actually be saved. Arthur Pink's examination of Matthew 7:13-27 exposefs the errors of modern false teachers and of the modern false gospel itself. Pink examines the broad and the narrow way, false prophets, wise and foolish builders, and the reality that what is being preached today in most churches is a false gospel which will end in eternity in hell for those who trust in it. Pink says: "Certain it is, my reader, that any preacher who rejects Gods Law, who denies repentance to be a condition of salvation, who assures the giddy and godless that they are loved by God, who declares that saving faith is nothing more than an act of the will which every person has the power to perform, is a false prophet, and should be shunned as a deadly plague." Chapters include The Way of Salvation, Narrow Is the Way Which Leadeth unto Life, False Prophets: Deniers of the Necessity of Holiness, False Prophets: So-Called “Evangelical Ministers”, True and False Prophets Contrasted, The Causes of Self-Deceit, The Wonderful Works of the Workers of Iniquity, Digging Deep, Another Gospel, and more. 155 pages. Paperback.

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Pilgrim’s Progress Through the Wastelands of Heresy and Revivalism by William Weeks. Journey with the pilgrims Thoughtful and Ardent as they encounter numerous adversaries and enemies to true godliness travelingl the same road that Bunyan’s pilgrims did hundreds of years before. Preachers like Dr. Smoothman, Mr. Blindguide, and Mr. Save-all espouse their doctrines to all who will listen, and many are happy with what they hear from them. Soon after starting their journey, Thoughtful and Ardent meet fellow pilgrims Feel-well, Love-self, and No-law, who come into the way through the stile of The Hypocrite’s Hope, and whose theology differs greatly from their own. As a chronicle of how we got where we are today in doctrine and practice, especially regarding our evangelistic practices, Pilgrim’s Progress Through the Wastelands of Heresy and Revivalism, stands as a masterful work which needs to be read by all who profess to be Christians. The main characters in this book are real people and the highly entertaining narrative instructs and informs the reader of heresy and error prevailent in the church today through the eyes of real historical events. Two of the characters are Mr. Bold, who represents Charles Finney, and Mr. Meek, who represents Asahel Nettleton. In these pages the classic struggle which changed Christian theology are recorded by one of the eyewitnesses to the events, Rev. William Weeks. Although written in 1848, you will recognize clearly the message of today’s churches in the narrative story of this book and it will change the way you think about modern Christianity. Available in both hardback and paperback editions. 490 pages.

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The Almost Christian Discovered by Matthew Mead is a classic work written in 1661. The primary doctrine which Mead considers is this: “There are very many in the world that are almost, and yet but almost Christians; many that are near heaven, and yet are never the nearer; many that are within a little of salvation, and yet shall never enjoy the least salvation; they are within sight of heaven, and yet shall never have a sight of God.” Mead looks at twenty signs which most would clearly say were true of Christians and then shows plainly, using biblical examples, how each one of them may be equally true of non-Christians. Some of those signs are: A man may have much knowledge; he may know much of God, and yet be but almost a Christian; A man may go far in opposing his sin, and yet be but almost a Christian; A man may hate sin, and be but almost a Christian; A man may have great hopes of heaven, and yet be but almost a Christian; A man may be under great and visible changes, and yet be but almost a Christian; A man may be much in prayer, and yet be but almost a Christian; A man may have faith, and yet be but almost a Christian; A man may have a love to the people of God, and yet be but almost a Christian; A man may obey the commands of God, and yet be but almost a Christian.” John MacArthur has written of The Almost Christian Discovered: “This volume offers a much needed antidote to the shallowness and flipancy that characterizes today’s Christianity. It contrasts sharply with the modern tendency to embrace as a brother or sister in the faith everyone who names the name of Christ. It sounds an alarm that few today would dare even whisper. In fact, The Almost Christian Discovered provides sobering proof of how far the contemporary church had slipped from the moorings of her heritage.” Newly typeset with archaic spellings changed. Hardbound. 134 pages.

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The Mystery of Self-Deceiving by Daniel Dyke was first published in 1614. It was republished numerous times in the next twenty years and was among the books Elder William Brewster brought with him to America on the Mayflower in 1620. It is perhaps the greatest work on self-deception, sin, and the human heart ever written. “This frightening book assumes that in order to be able to deal with man’s religious difficulty one must first understand it fully. It then proceeds to dissect the human heart fibre by fibre and cell by cell. No corner is left unexplored, no crevice forgotten, no raw nerve kept mercifully unexposed. Sin’s devious subterfuges and disguises are discovered and labeled, No corner is left unexplored, no crevice forgotten, no raw nerve kept mercifully unexposed. Sin’s devious subterfuges and disguises are discovered and labeled, their specific causes and results catalogued. Various deceits and follies of man are examined minutely both with regard to omission and commission. Dyke’s analyses are perhaps the most acute which can be found among the various diagnosticians of the spiritual life...Protestantism has produced no other treatise in which the psychology of sin was more exhaustively treated than in Dyke’s Mystery of Self-Deceiving.” Some of the thirty-one chapters in this book are: Of the Greatness of the Heart’s Deceitfulness, and of the Cause of her Deceitfulness; Of the Unsearchableness of the Heart, and of Six Notes to Discover it by; Of the Deceit of the Heart in translating the Sin from ourselves upon some other Cause; Of the Deceit whereby we Judge ourselves not to be so Evil, as indeed we are; Of the Deceits of three several Sorts of men, the Rich Worldling, the Civil Justiciary, the Loose Libertine; Of the Deceits of the Temporary Believer’s Faith and Feelings; and Of the deceits of the Temporary in the outward Practice of Repentance. Thirty-one chapters newly typeset. 324 pp. Clothbound.

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A Treatise of Sin: The Deceitfulness of the Heart Unmasked by Anthony Burgessis probably one of the greatest books ever written on the deceitfulness of the human heart. It was first written in 1654 and published as A Treatise of Sin. The book is a masterpiece on the heart’s deceitfulness in sin, and formality and hypocrisy in religion. Anthony Burgess’ work contains 42 sermons that pierce to the depths of the soul in exposing false religion and the worthless props men lean on to justify themselves before God.
Burgess was a master in understanding the heart of man and true and false conversion. The sermons in A Treatise of Sin: The Deceitfulness of the Heart Unmasked cover such topics as the Heart’s Deceitfulness in the Matter of Repentance, The Woeful Aggravations of the Deceitfulness of Man’s Heart, That All Sins and Transgressions are Damnable Errors, The Ingredients and Aggravations of Presumptuous Sins, Discoveries of Reigning Sin in a Man with its Aggravations, Of Having Only a Name to Live, The Properties of Gross Hypocrisy in the Matters of Religion, and A Discovery of Close Hypocrisy with the Causes of it.
In our day when a mere intellectual assent to the facts of the gospel or repeating the words of a prayer is all that seems necessary for many pastors to proclaim a man saved, this book is desperately needed. Burgess preached against the errors of his day and his book is a cure for those of our day. Anthony Burgess warned, “Oh what a woeful condition is it for a man at the same time to be blessing himself, and God abhorring of him, while thou art saying: Soul take thine ease; God to be commanding the devils to take thy soul, yet in this condition most live.” Sadly, this is also the condition that most in our present day churches live in. 42 sermons never before published in a newly typeset edition. 330 pp. Clothbound.

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A Guide to Christ was written by Solomon Stoddard, grandfather of Jonathan Edwards, to instruct ministers how to work with those who were under conviction of sin, and who were seeking God, in order to lead them to Christ rightly. Stoddard experienced several seasons of genuine revival during his pastorate at Northampton, Massachusetts. He had observed how the Spirit of God worked in the lives of men during these times. He, more than almost any other person of his day, knew the windings and turnings of the human heart. He was not fooled by presumptuous hopes and false religious affections. The Puritans knew that there must be preparatory work by the Spirit of God in convicting a person of their sins and humbling their heart before they could truly believe. Solomon Stoddard believed that this conviction of sin and humbling of the heart was a necessity, but even in his day there were those who did not believe in the necessity of this preparatory work, prompting Stoddard to write these words: “Some there be that do deny any necessity of the preparatory work of the Spirit of God, in order to a closing with Christ, This is a very dark cloud, both as it is an evidence that such men have not the experience of that work in their own souls: and as it is a sign that such men are utterly unskilful in guiding others that are under this work; if this opinion should prevail in the land, it would give a deadly wound to religion, it would expose men to think themselves converted when they are not.” We are now living in a day when Stoddard’s prediction has come true. A Guide to Christ is perhaps the best book ever written on this subject. Our version was taken from the 1742 edition and for the first time ever, it contains a table of contents so that the reader can easily navigate to different topics within the book. 99 pages. Paperback. Available in late October 2011.

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Rebukes for Sin by the Burning of the Wicked in Hell by Thomas Doolittle. Hell is so little preached today that most people in the world do not believe it is a real place, nor do they believe that they will ever go there. The climate of modern Christianity is one of the main reasons why this book is so important. How is it that we have come to a place in our society when large numbers of people in the church don't believe in a literal hell? Today's pastors build large megachurches by denying the most fundamental aspects of the faith like the doctrine of hell, appealing to the itching ears of their congregations. Thomas Doolittle has answers for our modern heretics in Rebukes for Sin by the Flames of Hell. Doolittle begins by answering a series of nine of the most common questions that people ask about hell, included are: Will God punish sinners after this life? Is there such a place as hell and such a thing as hellfire? Why has God appointed such a place? Who are they that shall be burned in this fire? Will the greatest part of men burn in this fire? Will there be degrees of pain and torment in this fire? Then he deals with issues like the names used for hell in the Bible, the extremity of the pains of the damned, the eternal unending nature of the torments in hell, the differences between fire on earth and fire in hell, and the characters of those who will be burned in hell. All the while Doolittle asks probing and penetrating questions of the reader to get him to evaluate his own condition, and uses striking imagery to terrify the ungodly. 105 pages.

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Practical Christianity Illustrated by Samuel Walker. First published in the 1700's this work probes in depth what true Christianity really is. Walker was a pastor for years before realizing that he was unconverted, even though outwardly living a very moral life. Practical Christianity Illustrated penetrates the heart and exposes the sin and depravity in the hearts of all. He draws clear distinctions between the truly converted and the unconverted heart. Added to the original work are biographical material and A Scheme of Private Instruction, detailing Walker's counseling work with unbelievers, from The Life and Ministry of the Rev. Samuel Walker, B.A. by Edwin Sidney. Also included are sermons The Helplessness of Man, The Holiness of God, and The Believer a New Creature from another of Walker's works, The Christian. Taken together this book provides a look at the human heart and true conversion which are rarely seen or preached today. Walker said, "It is plain from the case of Ahab and Judas, and many others recorded in Scripture, that men may have some stinging sense of guilt, of their liableness to wrath, especially for some particular sins, who notwithstanding never attain unto a saving conviction of sin. And this, it is to be feared, is every day the case of many who stop in awakenings and a galling sense of guilt arising merely from particular transgressions, while, in the meantime, have never seen the fact of their fallen nature, they have never seen the most distinguished and eminent part of their guilt, and so never arrive unto an inward and saving conversion; but catch hastily at some false relief from their distress, and rest in something or other miscalled faith, while they are entirely void of the thing itself, namely, a living principle which purifies the heart." Clothbound. 169 pages.

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Selfishness: The Essence of Moral Depravity by Nathanael Emmons is a collection of twenty sermons by Nathanael Emmons on the vital issues of sin, human depravity, and the judgment of God. In these sermons Emmons explains the sinful human condition in a way which sheds clear light on the heart of the sinner, so that even the most hardened sinner can understand his corruption. Emmons wrote: "All sin is of the same nature, and essentially consists in selfishness. Sin is a transgression of the law of love; and nothing but selfishness is a transgression of that law. God commands all men to love him supremely, and one another as themselves. When any man loves himself more than God, and his own good more than the good of any of his fellow-creatures, he is totally selfish; and his selfishness is a transgression of the divine law. All sinfulness may be traced to selfishness as its source. Men never act from any worse than selfish motives." The message of this book is vital to true Christianity. Some of the sermons in this volume are The Sin of Following the Multitude to Do Evil, Secure Sinners Love Their Security, Selfishness the Essence of Moral Depravity, The Deceitfulness of the Human Heart, Christ Will Reject Mercenary Followers, The Moral Inability of Sinners, The Character and State of Judas, Reprobation, and The Vindictive Justice of God. Clothbound. 271 pages.

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The Torments of Hell: Jonathan Edwards on Eternal Damnation by Jonathan Edwards, Edited by William C. Nichols. The third volume in our series of Jonathan Edwards' sermons with commentary, this one examining the doctrine of everlasting punishment in hell. Contains 13 sermons on hell, most never published before in this form, faithfully transcribed from the handwritten manuscripts of Jonathan Edwards by William C. Nichols with commentary contrasting current beliefs on hell with the traditional biblical views of Edwards. Contains some of the best sermons on hell ever preached, including That Wicked Men Are the Children of the Devil, The Wicked Hereafter Will Be Cast Into a Furnace of Fire, They That Are Gone to Hell Are All of Them in Despair, That the Bodies of Wicked Men as Well as Their Souls Will Be Punished Forever in Hell, In Hell Is Inflicted the Fierceness of the Wrath of a Being That Is Almighty, That the Punishment and Misery of Wicked Men in Another World Will Be in Proportion to the Sin that They Are Guilty Of, The Wicked in Hell Will Be Sensible What a Happy State the Saints Are in in Heaven, The Reason Why Men No More Regard Warnings of Future Punishment Is Because It Don't Seem Real to Them, and more. 334 pages. Hardback.

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Knowing the Heart: Jonathan Edwards on True and False Conversion by Jonathan Edwards, Edited by William C. Nichols. A book of almost entirely previously unpublished sermons and treatises by Jonathan Edwards on the heart of man with commentary by William C. Nichols on each sermon explaining what we can learn about the heart of man, man's depravity, and how we can relate the knowledge of man's heart to the practice of self-examination and evangelism. Included are sermons entitled The Heart of Man is Exceeding Deceitful, Man Is Naturally a Proud Creature, The Gadarenes Loved Their Swine Better Than Jesus Christ, A Pretence of Trusting in Christ Is Vain as Long as Men Live Wicked Lives, Those Whom God Hates-He Often Gives a Plenty of Earthly Things To, A Man May Eternally Undo Himself in One Thought of the Heart, and others.

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Seeking God: Jonathan Edwards' Evangelism Contrasted with Modern Methodologies Edited by William C. Nichols.17 sermons and treatises by Jonathan Edwards including 3 not published prior to 2001 with introductions by William C. Nichols contrasting Edwards' evangelism with modern evangelism. Previously unpublished sermons include Persons Ought to Endeavour to Be Convinced of Sin, A Possibility of Being Saved Is Better Than a Certainty of Perishing, and God Is Very Angry at the Sins of Children. 564 pages, hardback.

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The Pilgrim's Progress Primer by Mary Godolphin & William C. Nichols
A new version of John Bunyan's classic story with all text (with the exception of proper names and place names) in one syllable words for children of all ages. Proper names and place names are hypenated (Chris-tian). The text is combined with over 35 beautiful full color 6" X 6" and 9" X 6" etchings from the 1800's done by H. C. Selous & M. Paolo Priolo. Faithful to Bunyan's original story and helpful to children and adults who have never read the full version of Pilgrim's Progress. Contains many new sections not in the original Mary Godolphin work. Paperback.

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Genuine Salvation by Arthur W. Pink
A collection of the best writings of Arthur W. Pink on salvation. Originally published in Studies in the Scriptures, writings in this book include Regeneration, Repentance, Coming to Christ, Saving Faith, and Signs of the Times. Pink had keen insight into the very problems we face today regarding the compromising of the gospel message saying, "Tens of thousands of professing Christians are filled with a vain and presumptuous confidence that all is well with them. They delude themselves with hopes of mercy while continuing to live in a course of self-will and self-pleasing. They fancy they are fitted for Heaven, while every day that passes finds them the more prepared for Hell." 160 pages. Paperback.
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The Narrow Way by William C. Nichols
What is heaven like? Is there really a hell? Do many people go to hell when they die? Are some people who think they are Christians really deceived about their eternal destination? How do I seek God? These and many other questions are answered in the book The Narrow Way.. Designed to be given those interested in Christianity and professing Christians who are not living for God. (Available in English, Korean, Spanish, and Russian). Special 10 copy price does not apply to Korean version or Hardback edition.
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Punishment By Death: A Defense of Capital Punishment by George B. Cheever. George B. Cheever was the pastor the Church of the Puritans in New York City and author of numerous books, including Lectures on The Pilgrim's Progress. Cheever approaches the issue of capital punishment for murder primarily on the basis of what the Bible teaches in both the Old and New Testaments. Beginning with Genesis 9:6, "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, my man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made he man," Cheever systematically works his way through the Old Testament and then answers the arguments raised by modern religious opponents of capital punishment by using the words of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul and other New Testament passages to support the Biblical position. In addition to his arguments directly relating to Bible texts, some of the topics Cheever covers are: The difference between justice and revenge; the ends of punishment considered; the difference between punishment in this life and in the life to come; fearfulness and efficacy of punishment by death; the potential repentance of the criminal; what constitutes the perfect criminal jurisprudence; how the abrogation of the punishment of death places a premium on the crime of murder; the reality of retributive justice; and imprisonment for life vs. punishment by death. 212 pages. Paperback.

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Divine Providence by Stephen Charnock. One of the finest works ever written on God's divine providence. Charnock covers every aspect of divine providence which one might imagine and many which would never occur to us today. This is a work which if studied and pondered will cause one to break out in praise to our glorious God who controls all things by His divine providence. Those who have loved Charnock's brilliant work The Existence and Attributes of God will be delighted to learn that this was originally a part of that work, and is now back in print again after over 140 years. Includes a biographical sketch which was a part of the original work. 140 pages.

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Self-Deception by Jacob Helffenstein, Jonathan Edwards, and William C. Nichols. "Among the twelve apostles there was a traitor. Among the thousands numbered as converts during the great revival which commenced on Pentecost, there were an Ananias and a SapphiraIn almost every church, however pure, are perhaps some whom a deceived heart hath turned aside." So writes Jacob Helffenstein in one of the most piercing books on the topic of self-deception to be written in the last two hundred years. Helffenstein explores the numerous ways in which professors of religion are deceived about their eternal salvation. Sections include the nature and forms of self-deception, the danger of self-deception, the consequences of self-deception, and the remedy for self-deception. Added to this work by Helffenstein are a sermon by Jonathan Edwards Persons Ought to Endeavor to Be Convinced of Sin and a newly written section by William C. Nichols on Seeking God. 112 pages. Paperback..

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The Application of Redemption by Thomas Hooker. Perhaps the greatest work ever written on the conversion of a sinner to God. Thomas Hooker had an amazing God-given understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in conviction of sin, humbling the sinner, and breaking him of his pride in the conversion process that few before or since have possessed. To Hooker conversion was a process, wrought by Almighty God over a period of time, not something accomplished in a moment by the sinner repeating the words of a prayer. The modern gospel offers a Christ without conviction of sin, the breaking of pride, or the humbling of the heart for sin. The Holy Spirit is not necessary for the conversion of sinners in the 21st century gospel. Contrition and humilation for sin are unknown today, but Thomas Hooker considered them fundamental to true conversion. In The Application of Redemption, Thomas Hooker offers us some potent medicine so desperately needed by today's church: "Contrition loosens a man from his sin, makes him see an absolute necessity to be another man, or else he is a damned man. Humiliation loosens a man from himself, makes him see an utter insufficiency in what he hath or doth, for to procure the least spiritual relief unto his soulsuch as are of necessity required, that the heart may be fitted for the impression of faith, and by it for the entertainment of the Lord Christ." Clothbound. 447 pages. Volume 4 in the Works of Thomas Hooker series.

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The Soul's Preparation for Christ by Thomas Hooker
A Puritan treatise on conviction of sin and contrition first published in 1632. In this classic work, Thomas Hooker details the process by which God breaks the heart of a sinner preparatory to His giving of life to him. Modernized spellings, newly typeset, paperback. 222 pages. Volume 1 in the Works of Thomas Hooker series.
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The Christian's Two Chief Lessons: Self-Denial & Self-Trial by Thomas Hooker
This classic work by Thomas Hooker lays out the necessity of Self-Denial if one is to be considered a genuine Christian. Then Hooker analyzes the false states in which men rest securely: the states of the civil man, the formalist, and the temporary professor and then answers the question What graces are of the essense and being of a Christian? He concludes with a look at the doctrine of adoption. 188 pages. Clothbound. Volume 2 in the Works of Thomas Hooker series.
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The Soul's Humiliation by Thomas Hooker
The humbling of the pride of man's heart is a deep subject. Most of those who profess Christ today know nothing of it. Divines of old thought it a necessity that a man be driven out of self before he came to Christ that a sinner must be humbled before he could be saved. In this work Thomas Hooker lays out the case for the necessity of the humbling of the soul and the abasing of a man's pride before salvation can take place. 182 pages. Clothbound. Volume 3 in The Works of Thomas Hooker series.
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Private Thoughts on Religion by Thomas Adam
Private reflections from the notes and diary of Rev. Thomas Adam (1701-1784), rector of Wintringham, which will pierce the heart and humble the soul. "Mr. Adam takes us out of our ordinary track of reading and reflection, and shows us ourselves. He structinizes the whole soul; dissipates the false glare which is apt to mislead the judgment; and thus teaches us to make our religion more and more spiritual, holy, solid, practical, humble, sincere...The characteristic of the entire volume is depth of scriptural and experimental knowledge. It requires, therefore, thought and time, in order to be appreciated. But it will amply repay both. And it may perhaps, be affirmed, that there is no work of modern Divinity which is more likely, under God's blessing, to elevate and purify the standard of religious sentiment in those who study it." Adam's thoughts are arranged topically in such headings as God, Repentance, Human Depravity, Jesus Christ, Faith, the Christian Life, Prayer, the Pastoral Office, Heaven, and the Scriptures. One of the most humbling works you will ever read. 300 pages.

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Spiritual Refining: The Anatomy of True and False Conversion, Volume 1 by Anthony Burgess is a classic work on true and false conversion, regeneration, signs of true and false grace, and assurance of salvation. Originally published in 1652, we have selected 30 of the best sermons from the original work which relate most to today. Some of the sermons included are: Showing the Difference Between Assurance and Presumption; That Opposition to and Abstinence from Sin is a Sign of Grace; Gifts and Parts in Matters of Religion No Sign of Grace; External Obedience to the Law of God, No Sure Evidence for Heaven; The Difficulty and in Some Sense the Impossibility of Salvation; That a Man's Leaving those Gross Sins he hath Lived in, Is No Sign of Grace; Showing What the New Birth or Regeneration Is; Laying Open the Counterfeits of the New Birth; Showing the Counterfeits of the New Creature, and more. They have been modernized and newly typeset. The book is approximately 300 pages in length.
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Spiritual Refining: The Anatomy of True and False Conversion, Volume 2, by Anthony Burgess
Thirty new sermons from the classic Puritan work on true and false conversion originally published in 1652. Some of the sermons this volume contains are: A Man Willing to Have His Soul Searched by God is a Sign of Grace, What Kind of Persons Are Most Unlikely Ever to be Converted, Of God's Framing and Devising Calamities That Men Might Turn From Their Evil Doings, How Afflictions Are Operative to the Conversion of Men, That Not All Mankind Are Called With a Saving Call and God's Justice Cleared in that Point, Of Election and Reprobation and the Fewness and Properties of Those that Are Chosen, and more. They have all been modernized and newly typeset.
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True Religion Delineated by Joseph Bellamy
A penetrating look at the nature of true religion as distinuguished from its counterfeits. One of the best explications of the religion of self, of human depravity, and the nature of true love and commitment to God ever written. Joseph Bellamy was tutored by Jonathan Edwards following his graduation from Yale College in 1735. Bellamy became a key figure in the Great Awakening with many being converted through his ministry. The Preface of True Religion Delineated was written by Jonathan Edwards. What better testimony could there be of the great value of this work! 388 pages. Retail $29.95 Special Price: $19.95 + postage. ORDER

Sin, the Law, and the Glory of the Gospel by Joseph Bellamy
What is the relationship between the law and the gospel? Is the law of use to men today? What is the great evil of sin? What is the nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Joseph Bellamy examines these and many other issues in three treatises entitled: The Great Evil of Sin as Committed Against God, The Law Our School Master, and The Nature and Glory of the Gospel. One of the clearest explanations of the nature and relationship of the law and the gospel ever written. 280 pages.
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Asahel Nettleton: Sermons From The Second Great Awakening
Over 50 Sermons of Reverend Asahel Nettleton, many never before published. Christian History magazine estimates that over 30,000 people were genuinely led to Christ through Nettleton's ministry during the Second Great Awakening. This book includes most of Nettleton's sermons which have survived. Almost all are evangelistic sermons. Subjects include Death, the Final Judgment, Regeneration, Repentance, the Rich Man and Lazarus, the Unclean Spirit, Hypocrisy in Religion,The Certain Ruin of Those Who do not Seek Salvation Rightly, Mortification of Sin, The Perseverance of the Saints, etc. Over 400 pages in length.
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Village Hymns for Social Worship by Asahel Nettleton
The complete text of Asahel Nettleton's hymnal including over 180 of the hymns set to the music
recommended by Nettleton in the original work in a modern hymnal format. The text section contains 600 hymns with over 50 by John Newton, 48 by Isaac Watts, along with hymns written by William Cowper, Phillip Doddridge, Samuel Davies, Timothy Dwight, and others, most of which have been lost to this generation. Sections of the hymnal include: God, Christ, Alarming, Penitential, Doctrines, Graces of the Spirit, Conviction and Conversion, The Sinner Awakened, The Convert, Times and Seasons, Time and Eternity, Death and Heaven, and more. One of the best hymnals ever produced. 576 pages.
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Gaston's Collections by Hugh Gaston. A topical listing of scriptures which delineate the basic doctrines of the Bible. The book is divided into 20 chapters including: Of the Being and Attributes of God, God's Government, Christ's Glory and Exaltation, Divine Titles Given to Christ, Christ's Works, Christ's Benefits to Men, Duties Toward God, Characters Good and Bad with Promises and Threats, Duties Toward Mankind, Of Repentance, Of the Death and the Resurrection, and Of a Future Judgment and the State of the Righteous and the Wicked. Within each chapter are numerous subheadings. In the chapter on the Being and Attributes of God there are 160 subheadings, each containing verses from the Scriptures which apply to those attributes which are being considered. In the chapter God's Government there are 82 subheadings; Duties Toward God has 244 subheadings; Characters Good and Bad has 210 subheadings. All subheadings have verses of Scripture written out under them, not just references. Of great value for anyone who wishes to know God better, for anyone who wants to know what his Word says about numerous topics, and for anyone who wants to pray more effectively. It is ideal for the pastor who wants to preach on a certain subject, as this book will provide a Scriptural outline on that subject.
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The Rich Man and Lazarus by William C. Nichols, So-Hee Kim, and James Janeway
An evangelistic book for parents and children beautifully illustrated with 14 full color drawings by So-Hee Kim. Includes a preface to parents and application of the Bible story by William C. Nichols, a Word to Children by Puritan James Janeway, and four songs from Isaac Watts Divine and Moral Songs for Children. Bible text is from the New King James Bible. Teaches children about the realities of eternity, heaven, and hell. 40 pages.
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The Narrow Road that Leads to Life
A presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ consistent with Lordship salvation and Puritan and Reformed evangelism. Emphasizes the character of God; sin and the depravity of the heart; the use of the Law; Jesus Christ presented as prophet, priest, and king; counting the cost; and instructions to the unconverted.(Also available in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian) 50 copies $17.50
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Suicide: Gateway to Peace?
A Biblical view of the issue of suicide. What are some basic assumptions made by the one who commits suicide? Does the Bible say anything about suicide? Are there some people in the Bible who comitted suicide? What are some natural arguments against the temptation to commit self-murder? What are some Biblical arguments the temptation to commit self-murder? What are some helps available to the one who is tempted to commit suicide?
25 copies $12.50
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True Godliness
A penetrating look at true and false conversion which contrasts living for self with Jesus' call to deny self and live for the glory of God. Also available in Spanish, Romanian, Korean, and Chinese.
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100 copies $45.00

The Glory of Heaven
What is heaven like? What happens when a Christian dies? Will those in heaven recognize their friends, relations, and those they knew on earth in heaven? Will those in heaven weep and sorrow for those whom they knew and loved in this world who are being tormented in hell? An examination of the Biblical doctrine of heaven including: a description of heaven, common questions about heaven answered, and an application for believers and unbelievers.
50 copies $20.00
100 copies $35.00 + postage.

The Terrors of Hell
An examination of the Biblical doctrine of hell including: the necessity of hell, a description of hell, theeternity of hell, and an application to believers and unbelievers. Also available in Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, and Korean.
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The Terrors of Hell—FREE audio sermon download. Read by Alan Thayer of Family Radio. CLICK HERE.

Guidance for the Seeker
A tract for the seeker containing instruction in what the Puritans referred to as the " diligent use of means" God has provided to seek the kingdom: fervent prayer, reading of the Scriptures, and hearing the word of God preached. Also includes sections on God's justice in the damnation of sinners, meditation on the sins of our heart and life, and why is salvation found only in Jesus Christ. Also available in Spanish and Korean.
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The Gospel and Martyrdom
Do martyrdom and the gospel of Jesus Christ have anything to do with one another?An exposition of Luke 14:26 especially considering the phrase "If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate...even his own life, he cannot be My disciple." 100 copies $30.00 + postage.

The Final Judgment
The reality of the final judgment is strikingly brought home to the reader in this booklet. Sections in the tract include An Appointment All Men Will Keep, Who Shall Judge the World?, A Glimpse of the Final Judgment, The Accusers of the Ungodly, and a lengthy application section.
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Enormity by Arthur W. Pink
An exceptional work on the depravity of man as seen in the enormity man's sin by one of the best writers of the 20th century. Taken from Pink's articles on The Doctrine of Total Depravity published in his magazine Studies in the Scriptures. Desperately needed today when the doctrines of sin and depravity are virtually ignored in the pulpit.
50 copies $20.00
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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards
Perhaps the most famous of all of Edwards' sermons, preached at Enfield, Connecticut in 1741 during the Great Awakening. Graphically details the plight of unrepentent sinners ready to drop into the pit of hell.
50 copies $20.00
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Persons Ought to Endeavor to Be Convinced of Sin by Jonathan Edwards
This sermon from Jeremiah 2:23 was first preached in January of 1734-1735 during the awakening which occurred in Northampton during those years. Edwards considered deep conviction of sin critical to the salvation of a sinner, referring to it repeatedly in his Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God. It is a message which is desperately needed today, when large numbers profess to be Christians without ever having had any sensible conviction of sin.
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100 copies $40.00

Pressing into the Kingdom of God by Jonathan Edwards
The famous revival sermon preached during the Great Awakening now in tract form. In it Edwards clearly sets forth helps to those who are intent on seeking salvation. John Gerstner calls this sermon a "powerful and passionate exposition and application of the Biblical doctrine of seeking."
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100 copies $60.00

The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners by Jonathan Edwards
The sermon of which Edwards said, "I have never found so much immediate saving fruit, in any measure, of any discourses I have offered to my congregation, as some from these words, Romans 3:19. 'That every mouth may be stopped;' endeavouring to show from thence, that it would be just with God forever to reject and cast off natural men." A powerful message!
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An Exhortation to Labour after Saving Conversion by Solomon Stoddard
Solomon Stoddard was the grandfather of Jonathan Edwards and Edwards' predecessor as pastor of the Northampton congregation. Stoddard experienced several times of revival during his ministry in Northampton, witnessing numerous souls saved. This tract is taken from his book A Treatise of Saving Conversion first published in 1719 and is a masterful exhortation to sinners to strive to enter in at the strait gate.
50 copies $22.50 100 copies $40.00

Defects of Preachers Reproved by Solomon Stoddard
A brilliant analysis of the errors in preaching and doctrine prevalent at the time, which apply even more so in this day of rampant error and false doctrine. This is must reading for every pastor and congregation member who is concerned about good biblical preaching. Originally published in 1724.
Single copy postpaid $1.50

Safety, Fulness, and Sweet Refreshment in Christ by Jonathan Edwards
For those who think Edwards never preached encouragement in Christ, we recommend that you read this sermon. It will be of great comfort to believers and contains an exhortation to unbelievers to seek a saving interest in Christ.
50 copies $22.50 100 copies $40.00

The Wicked Useful in Their Destruction Only by Jonathan Edwards
One of Edwards most powerful and thought provoking sermons. If a man does not bring forth fruit in his life to the end for which he was created, to glorify God, then he is useful only to be destroyed by God eternally in hell.
50 copies $22.50 + postage. ORDER
100 copies $40.00

Fire and Brimstone in Hell by Thomas Vincent
Puritan evangelism at its best! In this classic work, originally published as a portion of a larger book, Thomas Vincent graphically describes hell as a place of fire and brimstone, the properties of hell-fire, the persons who shall burn eternally in the flames of hell, and adds a lengthy application section containing a use of reproof and terror for the awakening of the wicked and ungodly out of their carnal security. The Puritans strongly believed that the Spirit of God uses the doctrine of hell more than any other to the awakening and conversion of sinners.
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Evangelism Outreach Teacher's Program Package $85.00
Contains all materials needed to teach the EO program
(includes the Evangelism Outreach Teacher's Training Manual, 4 audio cassette tapes by John
MacArthur, Jr., one audio tape by Dr. John Gerstner, and one copy each of: The Narrow Way,
Today's Gospel, A Sure Guide to Heaven, and The Carnal Christian).

Evangelism Outreach Student Training Package $37.50 Must be ordered with the Teacher's Training Program. Not sold separately.
(includes the Evangelism Outreach Student Training Manual
and all of the books listed above in the Program Package.)

The Knowledge of God Bible study series $ 5.00
A 19 lesson evangelistic Bible study series containing several studies each in these areas:
What Is God Like?, The Nature of Sin, The Person and Work of Jesus Christ, and Jesus
Calls for Commitment: What Is Genuine Faith? (Price includes postage).


Four Page Tracts (All priced at 100 copies for $10.95) ORDER
A Test of Assurance: How May We Know Whether We Love God? by Thomas Watson
Suppose an Unholy Man Were to Go to Heaven by J. C. Ryle (also in Spanish)
He Who Will Not Take Up the Cross, and Follow Me, Cannot Be My Disciple by David Clarkson
Self-Love, Selfishness, and the Gospel by Richard Baxter
A Call to Self-Examination by Benjamin Keach
True Salvation is Rare by Thomas Vincent

Sample Packet of Tracts
Contains a sample copy of each tract in our price list in English. This includes The Narrow Road that Leads to Life, True Godliness, Guidance for the Seeker, The Final Judgment, The Gospel and Martyrdom, The Terrors of Hell, The Glory of Heaven, Pressing into the Kingdom of God, The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners, An Exhortation to Labour after Saving Conversion, Fire and Brimstone in Hell, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Safety, Fulness, and Sweet Refreshment in Christ, The Defects of Preachers Reproved, Enormity, The Wicked Useful in Their Destruction Only, Suicide: Gateway to Peace? and all of the 4-page Puritan tracts listed above.
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