Gateway to Peace?

Over 32,000 people in the United States commit self-murder every year. Statistically that means that one person every 15 minutes kills himself; however, it is estimated that a suicide attempt is made every minute. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Twice as many females attempt to murder themselves as males, but four times as many males succeed. In over 30% of the cases where suicide is successful, drunkenness or alcoholism is a factor.*

What are some basic assumptions made by the one who commits suicide?

Why do people commit suicide?

Does the Bible say anything about suicide?

Are there some people in the Bible who committed suicide?

What are some natural arguments against the temptation to commit suicide?

What are some Biblical arguments against the temptation to commit suicide?

Is assisted suicide a valid alternative for an elderly person suffering great pain?

Is the one who commits suicide demonstrating faith in a sovereign God?

Are there some helps available for the one tempted to commit suicide?

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* Statistical information obtained from The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention web site. International Outreach is not affiliated with, nor does it represent the views of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.